Day 0: How to Implement The 4DC

Day 1: The "Attraction" Network Marketer

Day 2: Set-Up Your First Leads System

Day 3: Install Your "Warming Up" Machine

Day 4 Bonus: 6 Steps to Six Figures Masterclass

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Day 2 - Set-Up Your First Leads System (2 videos)

Next, I’ll show you the exact strategies we use to bring in 30-50 leads to our business each and every week for free. (It's quick & easy to implement & today I'll show you how to set-up your first simple "attraction" lead generation system.)

1. Set-Up Your First "Lead Generation" System & Choose Your Niche & Topic

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2. Over The Shoulder View of How-To Set Up Your Facebook Group

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The "7 Perfect Social Media Status Updates"

As a HUGE congratulations for completing Day 2, I'd like to give you another incredibly powerful Bonus called The "7 Perfect Social Media Status Updates" for attracting and generating more leads on Social Media each day…

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