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Robin Smith

Earned an extra $680,000 in commissions...

As a stay-at-home Mom I only get to work on my business part-time. Thanks to the methods I've learned from Gavin, I've been able to generate over 11,000 leads, earn an extra $680,000 in commissions & personally enrolled 152 reps into my business!

ROBIN SMITH  //  New Jersey

Heath Jason Parker

I started to get people coming to me...

I cannot thank you enough Gavin. Since I started your coaching and training along with your direct support, help and regular messages etc, I started to get people coming to me, rather than me trying to get them.

You showed me what to do, helped me on what I need to do, answered my messages, and emails.

You are a true Gent, I will always be truly thankful for the time and effort you have given me, the advice and knowledge you've given me and making me the person i am today and what this has done to my home business.

Thank you Gavin, i'm truly thankful and appreciate the friendship we have built over the years.


Eddie Iduoze

700 team members in 9 countries...

We now have a business of over 700 team members in 9 countries. We get paid from 9 countries. Gavin's Step-by-Step trainings helped me grow and organise my team.

In addition to that I've used these processes to move my team from high touch to high tech and generated over $25,000 in commissions.

EDDIE IDUOZE  //  UK Network Marketer

Cleopatra Couladis

I feel very honored to know Gavin and work closely with him...

One of the greatest things I’ve done for myself and my business is working with a brilliant man by the name of Gavin Mountford. I am currently in a mentorship program with him but have known and worked with Gavin in many capacities now for many years and have benefited greatly.

I love all his programs and courses…but most of all the great mentor/coach and leader that he is. I can honestly attest to the fact that Gavin Mountford is one “Admired Leader!” He is so hands on….

So willing to help you…

His kindness and caring ways are so remarkable... He is so personable... and very kind... and down to earth!

I love his masterminds and get to work so closely with him. The community culture he creates is so comfortable… inviting… helpful… promoting such camaraderie amongst its members. I have friends around the world because of Gavin…working together and supporting one another for entrepreneurial success.

I can’t speak enough or more highly about this very talented individual that provides ongoing value every step of the way! I feel very honored to know Gavin and work closely with him. Thank you Gavin for all you do for us on a daily basis. You encompass all the great qualities of an “Admired Leader!”

CLEOPATRA COULADIS  //  Williamsville, New York

Nicole Hanchi

My biggest income week of $4,000 online...

I'm so EXCITED... In the last 12 months by using this process I've generated over 2000 leads, grown my team by 80 people, achieved 2 rank promotions in my company and had my biggest income week of $4,000 online!


John Spain

I'm forever grateful to the kindness and support Gavin has given me...

I was introduced to Gavin's Social Media Attraction Factor Guide a few years ago. This lead me on a journey that has changed the way I connect with people and taken my success in building a business online to a new level... Gavin has become a dear friend and mentor.

He has gained a huge wealth of Business building knowledge by trial and error over many years and placed that knowledge into the very best training system I have ever come across...

His step by step approach is very clear and concise and has allowed me to now leave my day job and focus on my business full time...

I'm forever grateful to the kindness and support Gavin has given me and look forward to a prosperous future thanks to his guidance...

JOHN SPAIN  //  Clive, New Zealand

MarJean Christiansen

His words are uplifting regardless of the stage you are at...

Gavin Mountford has a servants heart. He has a passion to help entrepreneurs become successful with ease by providing tools that attract prospects rather than repel them.

He is constantly encouraging anyone who has a desire for success regardless of the level you are at.

His words are uplifting regardless of the stage you are at.

My life is so much better since connecting with him in 2017 and my success is totally due to his teachings and tactics.

Thank you Gavin for all you do.

MARJEAN CHRISTIANSEN  //  Tallahassee, Florida

Diane Hoggarth

Thank You So Much for Seeing Potential In Me...

Wow Gavin, I can't believe it... thank you so much for seeing potential in me when I didn't believe in myself!

I just wanted to let you know since going through your 6 Steps Method Masterclass & Academy I've just made 5 sales in a single week and I'm set to clear $1000 this month!

Thank you Gavin, you're a very caring person who wants to help everyone. You are a great MENTOR.

DIANE HOGGARTH  //   Birmingham, UK

Scott Cook

I Currently Have 10,068 Enrolled Distributors in My Venture...

I'm a graduate of the Networking Superstars Academy that Gavin offers. I had to take some time away due to a LITERAL explosion in my business, not in small part to what Gavin Mountford teaches in the Academy!

I began the journey with my new opportunity of Dec 12th, and as of right now (March 9th) I currently have 10,068 enrolled distributors in my venture. I'd say Gavin's coaching pays off... you all need to join the Academy!

SCOTT COOK  //  Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Marjorie Penn

He is an expert in social media marketing...

If you're looking for a coach to help with your social media marketing, Gavin Mountford is the person for you. He is an expert in social media marketing and has helped many people with their content.

He understands that it's hard to figure out how to start, and he will take the time to walk you through the process of creating your first post or tips and tricks to make you stand out as a person with posture. He also helps you understand where things went wrong if you have been struggling with your content creation and connecting with people.

On a more personal level, he is transparent with what is happening in his world and what he hopes to achieve. Gavin encourages and recommends books to help foster a positive mindset around daily tasks and mindset. He is a fun, straight-shooter who shows real care for the people he surrounds himself with.

MARJORIE PENN  //   New Jersey, USA

Emma Berg

In 24 Hours I Sold 30 Boxes of My Products!!

This stuff works! I just joined a brand new opportunity and decided to implement the skills I learned from Gavin's 6 Steps immediately!

I created post on Facebook and then went to bed eager to see what would happen in the morning. When I woke up, I checked my Facebook and was amazed at what I saw...

Overnight I'd had 110 people interested in learning more... and in 24 hours I sold 30 boxes of my products!!

Now it's time to repeat, repeat, repeat! Very excited about the future 🙂


Shemin Lakhani

My Team of Around 800 Had a Turnover of $500,000 in The Month of October...

When I first got started with Gavin's trainings I was in the lower ranks in my company compensation plan. I am proud to say that in the month of October 2018, I reached the highest rank!

My team of around 800 had a turnover of $500,000 in the month of October - compared with just $1000's when I first started with Gavin.


Maria Perryman

Rank Advanced 3 Times in 60 Days...

I am so excited because I just realized after implementing the methods I learned from Gavin’s trainings I have ranked advanced in my current business 3 times within 60 days!

And I launched my business in the UK!!!

I enroll between 6-8 Marketing Executives a month.

Engagement on my page is up 100%. I gain over 100 comments & leads a day from my posts.

My extra income has increased from less than $100 a month to over $2000 a month!!!

MARIA PERRYMAN  //  Evanston, Illinois

Danny Young

I Have Generated Over 2,500 Leads...

When I first tried to grow my business online, it's fair to say that I struggled massively.

However, since meeting Gavin and implementing this, I have generated over 2,500 leads, watched my primary network marketing business grow, introduced additional streams of income, ranked up several times in different opportunities and generated thousands of dollars in commissions!


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