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Stop Creating The Wrong Kind of Content

So, how do you feel about creating online content for your business?

It can be pretty darn scary sometimes, can’t it?

You spend so much time trying to constantly come up with new and engaging content to build your audience. But, what if, after all that time spent, your content ends up falling flat and you find yourself back at square one?

What if you’re doing the whole content thing wrong and that’s why you’re not reaching your goals?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

You CANNOT make a mistake when you post content as YOU and from a place of personal authority.

If you:

  • Tell YOUR story
  • Share YOUR experiences
  • Talk about YOUR wins and losses
  • Include YOUR lessons learned along the way

Then you’ll find yourself on the right track!

I know. You’re probably thinking, “But, I’m trying to promote my business, not me personally”.

I hear what you’re saying but here’s the thing. You’re a network marketer, a solopreneur, a leader, an influencer – you should promote yourself more than you market your opportunity and product/service.

It reflects your:

✅ Skills
✅ Experiences
✅ Conduct
✅ Behavior
✅ Attitude

And my absolute favorite…

Personality – because this is where you’re able to differentiate yourself in the marketplace!

Posting less about your company and products and more about YOU and what YOU can offer is how you’ll build credibility and authority with your audience.

Your audience wants to know the person behind the business! So let them in. Start promoting yourself by building your personal brand and telling YOUR story.

Sherell Slaise

Sherell Slaise is a serial entrepreneur who has built successful businesses online and off in network marketing and real estate. She is also a business mentor to 1000’s of home-based business entrepreneurs supporting them in the industries where she dwells.Sherell’s authentic communication style and inspirational messages of personal leadership create strong connections with all who are mentored and led by her. These attributes have piloted her accomplishments in network marketing where she holds accolades as a top 1% rank, a 6-figure income earner, and she leads a community of over 4 thousand business owners seeking knowledge to grow an online audience and find the right people for their businesses.

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