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(Shorts) Improvise Your Reels or Read from a Script?

When creating your Reels, should you improvise them or read from a script?

The answer may surprise you!

Now the big thing to note is that most people’s attention span on social media is less than 7 seconds.

Meaning that if you record one long video without a script, even though it’s only up to a minute in length…

You may waffle and lose your audience quickly!

However, if you write a script your video… you can record multiple short clips in multiple different locations and then stitch them all together.

Each clip should be around 5 seconds in length or less which will help keep people’s attention for longer.

So to answer the question of improvising or reading from a script…

I actually recommend you do both…

Sometimes just talk about your subject and improvise it. It’s quicker and more authentic.

And other times, create a script just like this… print it out then record multiple clips with different backgrounds to keep peoples attention for longer.

Gavin Mountford

Gavin Mountford, the visionary behind Networking Superstars, has spent over two decades mastering the art of online networking and digital marketing. As a seven-figure earner, esteemed coach, and dynamic speaker, Gavin offers a unique blend of expertise in social media, automation, and income diversification. But his achievements go beyond personal success. He's deeply committed to helping 1 million entrepreneurs and their families attain financial independence and fulfilment. His dedication to creating an evolving ecosystem that nurtures network marketing superstars of the future is the cornerstone of his mission. In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, Gavin is your trusted guide to building the business and lifestyle you love.

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