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[FB Group Challenge #1] How-To Set Up Your Facebook Group in 4 Simple Steps…

OK, it's Day 1 of “The FB Group Challenge” and your first step in generating your first 10 leads in 10 days is for you to create your own own Facebook group…

Over the next 10 days you're going to be focused on building your own group where you'll start to attract new leads and prospects for your business…

You DO NOT sell anything… (Yet)

You DO NOT talk about your network marketing business… (Yet)

You DO NOT spam links everywhere…

Remember, this is just the beginning. There is a 6-Step Sales & Sponsoring Sequence to take your prospects through, and 10-Skills to learn and master… 🙂

The whole purpose of your new Facebook group is to give you some credibility, create a simple “low barrier” way for you to “pre-capture” your leads and then follow up with them to build a relationship and pre-qualify them.

I've been using Facebook groups for many years, I've personally sponsored almost 1000 people online in the last 6 years and built multiple 6 figure businesses by using using this method…

Watch The Instructions on How-To Create Your Own Money Making Facebook Group Here

**Click on the arrows at the bottom right of the video to make the video full size**

Step 1: Choose a Strong Group Name

It is important you choose a strong name for your group that motivates and inspires people… Ideally your group will explain exactly what is it and who it's for so people know it is for them.

Also, it is a good idea to put your name first, like “Gavin Mountford's Networking Superstars” which helps to brand you and position you as the expert.

Please DO NOT mention your network marketing business name.

Think about who your target audience is, and name your group appropriately…

Do you want to focus on selling more products? or do you want to focus on getting more business builders?

You can do either, but you cannot do both in the same group generally…

The name will often “make or break” your group… and remember that there are millions of Facebook groups so what makes yours stand out from all the rest and why should your prospects join?

The great news is that you can CHANGE it later…

Step 2: Create Your Group

Go to: https://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/groups and click on Create Group.

Step 3: Fill Out The Options

3.1: Enter in your group name
3.2: Add / Pin your group to your favouries
3.3: Make your group public so anybody can find it
3.4: Add ONE (1) person to your group…

Please DO NOT add me to your group because I will get very overloaded with all the notifications. Instead, contact one of your friends, or another member of Networking Superstars to ask if they'd be ok with you adding them.

3.5: Click on Create

Step 4: You Have Completed The Group Setup, Congratulations 🙂

That's all for now… yes there are other things you can do such as adding your description, getting a header created and posting some content… however we'll do that later.

(“It don't have to be perfect, you just gotta get it going… right?”)

While you are waiting for the next training… what you could do is THINK about what kind of content you'll be posting in the group?

Remember: the main purpose of the group is to help your leads get to know, like and trust you so you build a warm market…

Tomorrow we'll look at how to get your first 10 members / leads in your group…

Congratulations – Celebrate Your Win!

Once you've created and set up your group, make sure you head on over to our main Networking Superstars group and create a post to let us know so we can all celebrate your win together…

Talk Soon,

~ Gavin Mountford
(Founder of Networking Superstars!)

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Since 2001, Gavin Mountford has been teaching his unique "High-Touch, High-Tech, High-Profit Process" to struggling Network Marketers who want to combine traditional offline Network Marketing with the simple technology of the Internet to get more leads, sponsor more reps and put more cash in their pockets today.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome training Gavin.Your guidelines about forming a Facebook group make business sense to me.

  2. I have been following Gavins teachings for several years now,. Thanks for everything that you do, realy top advice.

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