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Key #6: REPEAT These 6 Daily Action Steps...

There's nothing more frustrating and demoralising than having to work on your business when your friends, family and loved ones are out having fun!

Then what's worse is getting ZERO results from your efforts because you wasted your time with the wrong people who were never going to spend money with you in the first place...

So, having a predictable system in place that allows you to generate leads, warm them up and convert them into sales, sign ups, customers and clients is absolutely KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS... (and your sanity!)

Which is why we teach our clients a simple 6 Step Daily Method of Operation that gets them daily leads, sales, sign ups and customers in 30 minutes or less per day. 

This Simple DMO allows you to stay 100% focused giving you more time freedom to do the things you love the most...

The 6 Steps are:

1. Create
2. Capture
3. Connect
4. Comment
5. Communicate
6. Close

>> So... essentially you CREATE valuable content on Facebook which Attracts leads and prospects to you... (instead of you chasing, pestering and bugging them)...

There are THREE (3) specific types of content you can implement today to get more engagement from your audience and translate it to sales.

Content type #1 - Value Posts where you share something of value to help your audience learn something related to your niche.

Content type #2 - Engagement Posts where you ask a personal or business related question with the sole intention to get more engagement under the post.

Content type #3 - Teaser Posts which should be a linkless post which gets people to comment under it and ask you for something you’ve got that they want :-)

>> Then you CAPTURE the people who are interested in a Free Facebook Group where you warm them up, build the relationship and position yourself as the "go-to person" to help them solve their problems... (more about this on the next page).

>> Next you CONNECT with each person who joins your Group by approving them, tagging them in a welcome post, adding them as a friend and sending them a very important and specific first Private Message...

>> Whilst this is happening you'll get COMMENTS and Engagement on your posts from your group members, fans and followers which helps build up the relationship so they Know, Like and Trust You... (Hint - People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust :-))

>> COMMUNICATE - is all about asking your prospective customer some very specific questions and ascending the conversation to find out more about their pains, problems and challenges so you can position your product, service or business as the solution to their problem later :-)

>> And finally... CLOSE. When you've done the previous 5 steps, the close part is simple. You DO NOT sell... instead, your people come to you to join or buy from you. There's absolutely zero pressure in any of this. Why? Because at this point you've positioned yourself as the Trusted Advisor :-)

And that's it...

Repeat, repeat, repeat...

Create, Capture, Connect, Comment, Communicate, Close...

Now when you sit down at your computer you simply run through a specific set of daily action steps which helps you generate more leads, warm them up and convert them into more sales for your business faster...

Never again will you waste time on your business.

You'll be in and out in a flash, you'll get your work done and then be spending time with the people you love and doing the things you were BORN to do in this lifetime :-)

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"5 Sales in a Single Week..."

"Wow Gavin, I can't believe it... thank you so much for seeing potential in me when I didn't believe in myself!

I just wanted to let you know since going through your 6 Steps Method Masterclass & Academy I've just made 5 sales in a single week and I'm set to clear $1000 this month!

Thank you Gavin, you're a very caring person who wants to help everyone. You are a great MENTOR."

DIANE HOGGARTH  //  Attraction Marketing Unleashed