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The Network Marketing 
Attraction Factor

9 Keys to Unlock an Abundance of Leads, Sales & Signups Through Facebook...

By Gavin Mountford

Please Note: This guide is a quick, fast read (9 short pages)... allowing you to get the core concepts in just a few minutes...

At the end of this guide, you'll find a link to join our free 4 Day "Attraction" Network Marketing Challenge if you'd like to :-)

Let's get started...

Did you know that 97% of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who advertise their products and services on Facebook NEVER get any leads or make any money?

Many waste 2-3 hours each day blindly posting their links in work-from-home and product related groups, to their Facebook profiles and on their fan pages only to be ignored and rejected…

Did you know that most online marketers friends, family and other people on Facebook mostly think what they're doing is a FAKE and the more they post links to their products, services and business, before and after photos, testimonials, product reviews and income screenshots… the more they PUSH and REPEL people away from them and the less they believe them?

Did you know you can reverse all this in an instant? That there are specific ways and places on Facebook to ATTRACT more leads, make more sales & earn more profit without ever chasing, pestering or bugging ever again…

And best of all... it's FREE!

This is not fantasy talk. This does not require hours and hours of posting online. And, this works for anyone, in any kind of business… male or female, 18-80, technically challenged or not…

All you need is a Simple SYSTEM, and a specific Daily Method of Operation so you know exactly what to do from start to finish... (and I'll be sharing that with you soon, so keep reading).

My almost 20 years as an online marketing consultant and trainer have allowed me to peer into the secret strategies of the top “attraction” marketers.

Over the years, I’ve picked up SO many tips, tricks and strategies that have allowed me and my coaching clients to literally get 5 to 195 free leads per day on demand from Social Media…

"Earned an Extra $680,000 in Commissions..."

"As a stay-at-home Mom I only get to work on my business part-time. Thanks to the methods I've learned from Gavin, I've been able to generate over 11,000 leads, earn an extra $680,000 in commissions & personally enrolled 152 reps into my business!"

ROBIN SMITH  //  6 Steps to Instagram Success

I’ve taught this System to countless entrepreneurs and business owners over the years, and it always begins with these key principles you must apply in order to STOP pushing & repelling people away from you, reverse it, and begin “attracting” better quality leads, prospects and customers who are looking to buy your products and services and possibly JOIN your business or team.

That said, I have to warn you:

What you are about to hear may go against what you've already been taught from other online marketers and training programs you may have been through. That’s because very, very few entrepreneurs and business owners know how to use the Internet correctly to generate leads.

Chasing, pestering, bugging, spamming, sending links via private messages, posting ads in work-from-home groups, posting classified ads, testimonials, before and after photos and inviting everybody you know etc will NEVER ever work. No way!

The First 4 Pages Reveal The Things You Absolutely MUST AVOID If You Want To Pull More Qualified Leads to You From 

What you need is a splash of traditional 1-2-1, personal connection, high-touch kind of networking, combined with some simple technology and "Attraction Marketing"... and the honest truth about what you need to do.

Sound good? Let's dive in!

Key #1: Forget Mindlessly Posting Ads in Spammy "Work-From-Home" or Product Related Groups...

Seriously, think about it… who goes into these groups anyway? Yep, other people advertising their products, services and business.

Are they serious customers, clients or business builders...? NO. Will they look at your ad? Very rarely… will they buy your products or join your business? NO.

The big problem with these type of groups is that people have the “link DROP and RUN mindset”… meaning they either use auto-posting software and never actually visit the group personally, OR they go into the group, spam their link and move to the next group without ever reading the other ads...

If they do happen to spend any time there, they only glance at the top 3 ads / posts max… And almost as soon as you’ve posted your ad, it’s GONE, halfway down the page because there's so many other people posting.

95% of these type of groups do not work, they have very little engagement, nobody comments, there's no community spirit and if you've ever posted your ads and links and tried to get leads and sales from them in the past then you'll know exactly what I mean...

"$500,000 in the Month of October..."

"When I first got started with Gavin I was in the lower ranks in my company compensation plan. I am proud to say that in the month of October 2018, I reached the highest rank!

My team of around 800 had a turnover of $500,000 in the month of October - compared with just $1000's when I first started with Gavin."


"Rank Advanced 3 Times in 60 Days..."

"I am so excited because I just realized after implementing the methods I learned from Gavin’s trainings I have ranked advanced in my current business 3 times within 60 days!

And I launched my business in the UK!!!

I enroll between 6-8 Marketing Executives a month.

Engagement on my page is up 100%. I gain over 100 comments & leads a day from my posts.

My extra income has increased from less than $100 a month to over $2000 a month!!!"

MARIA PERRYMAN  //  Social Networking Academy