(LIVE) Get Focused & Get Serious: Shut Off Distraction, Focus 100% & Hit Your #1 Network Marketing Goal

Distraction, overwhelm and shiny object syndrome are what usually keeps online network marketers stuck and spinning their wheels.

The truth is, in order to succeed online… you need to get good at making decisions and choosing what to eliminate and what to FOCUS on.

Otherwise you’ll just keep going round in circles.

So, in today’s training I’m going to show you FIVE (5) key areas of your business you need to decide on which will allow you to focus 100% and hit your #1 goal.

When you figure out these FIVE (5) key areas and eliminate everything else, you’ll have much more clarity, more energy and feel much more in control of your business.

Watch The Get Focused & Get Serious Training (13:36)

<<This video is an edited version of a previous Facebook Live training I did. We’ve edited it down to remove any fluff. Please note that because this was a LIVE video, sometimes the video goes out of sync or slows down.>>

Key Moments In This Episode

  • 0:00 – Intro & Summary
  • 1:48 – What FOCUS Really Means
  • 2:36 – Focus on ONE Product, Service or Opportunity
  • 5:28 – Focus on ONE Target Market
  • 7:29 – Focus on ONE Sales System
  • 9:29 – Focus on ONE Traffic Method
  • 11:06 – Focus on ONE Coach or Mentor

Here’s something for you to THINK about… 🤔😎

One of the biggest problems and struggles of the online network marketer is distraction and shiny objects!

Bouncing from one thing to the next without any real focus…

Not having a target / outcome to aim for…

Trying to be on all platforms at the same time…

Doing a little bit here and a little bit there…

Speaking to random people about your business…

And making very little progress even after 1-2 years or more…

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll continue to get the same results.


What if you focused on:

  • 1 primary offer (business / product line or opportunity)
  • 1 target market
  • 1 sales system
  • 1 traffic source
  • 1 coach, guide or mentor
  • For 1 year

>> If you could stick to ONE primary offer (business / product line or opportunity)…

>> If you figured out and focused on attracting ONE target market for your business. Those who would buy from you or join you.

>> If you had ONE sales system in place that converted those perfect prospects into customers and team members.

>> If you focused on ONE platform to build an audience and got very good at it so you have people coming to you on a regular basis.

>> If you worked with ONE coach, guide, mentor or upline to help guide you with their process.

>> And if you focused on all of the above for ONE YEAR.

What kind of progress do you think you could make?

I can GUARANTEE 💯 without a shadow of doubt… that if you did the above you would hit a much higher level of success than you currently have.

Something to think about 🤔 😎

Remember, this is a journey and we’re with you every step of the way…

~ Gavin Mountford & The Networking Superstars

P.S. Right now, Networking Superstars is BRAND NEW… meaning you amongst the first people to be part of the community.

This website is NEW, and our YouTube Channel is NEW. So, you get to work with us to craft, shape and grow the Networking Superstars Community together.

I’m incredible excited to have you part of this!

Keep checking back… keep opening up your emails… keep visiting our Rise of the Networking Superstar Facebook Group and watch as the brand unfolds 🙂

Gavin Mountford

Gavin Mountford is the founder and CEO of Networking Superstars. He's a 7 figure earner, coach, speaker and trainer who specialises in helping network marketers combine social media, automation & multiple streams of income allowing them to build a business & lifestyle they love.He's mission is to empower 10,000 entrepreneurs and their families to become financially free through online marketing, allowing them to have more fun, freedom and fulfilment in their lives.

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  1. Hi Gavin, great training as usual. I think these are all Salem points and are the hallmark in one having success in their business. Just one question: If someone I’d with a Network Marketing Company and that company has a marketing platform that everyone uses (lead capture pages, sales pages etc.) Would you suggest using those pages since everyone else is using them? Thank you.

    1. Hey Noris, good to hear from you. Yes, if they have a process that works and converts then definitely use their system.

      To be different and stand out from other people, ideally you would brand YOU first, then once you’ve built a relationship with the person you would ask them if they’d be interested in taking a look at an opportunity or something similar and then if they say yes… you’d send them a link to your replicated system 🙂

      But that should really be done 1-2-1 in messenger or similar.

      Hope that helps.

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