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Your Life..."

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Learn how-to create your next 12 Week Social Selling Game-Plan the right way to Grow your audience, Attract quality leads, Convert more sales & Earn more profits faster.

The Smartest Way To Get 100% Focused, Go Full-Time In Your Business & Become A Top Income Earner Faster…

Whilst most home business owners have absolutely no idea what to do on a day-to-day basis, a small group of SMART marketers have mapped out their entire next 12 weeks in advance and have created their Success Blueprint to make their next 12 weeks the most profitable, successful & fulfilling of their lives!

WhatYou'll Discover in This 4-Day
Social Selling Game-Plan

On Day 1 - Create Your Plan... we'll cover:

12 Month Outline & 12 Week Game-Plan

I'll show you how to divide your next 12 Months into 4 x 12 Weeks, and then divide your 12 Week Goals into 12 x Laser Focused Sprints giving you the best chance of success...

3 Powerful Books

Next you'll get your essential tools in place and I'll show you how-to combine The 12-Week Year, Miracle Morning & Habit Factor to give you the full plan, create your success rituals and build your daily ACTION habits.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Here you'll identify and eliminate all the "stuff" that's no longer serving you and is holding you back in order to make your next 12-Weeks The Most Profitable, Successful & Fulfilling of Your Life...

Plan Your Perfect Week for Max Success

Now, I'll show you how to plan your Perfect Week for maximum success allowing you to have more time for the most important areas of your life to live a life of fun, freedom and fulfilment :-)

On Day 2 - Set Your Goals... we'll cover:

Create Your Magnetic 3 Year Vision

Get ready for an AMAZING segment as you learn how-to develop a Magnetic  3-Year Vision that will pull you towards absolutely smashing your 12 Week Goals...

Establish Your First 90-Day “SMART” Goals

So, now you've developed your magnetic vision, it's time to reverse engineer it, chunk it down and build out your First 12 Week SMART Goals for increased CLARITY!

The Good, Better, Best Goal Setting Strategy

Now I'll show you the good, better, best goal setting strategy focusing on audience building, lead generation and sales. At the end of this you'll know exactly what you're aiming for to grow your business.

The 5 for 1 Year Focus Formula

Laser focus is your key to success. So, in this training I'll teach you the 5 for 1 year focus formula that will help you put your blinkers on, shut out all the noise and focus 100% on hitting your goals.

On Day 3 - Gamify Your Business... we'll cover:

Define & Track Your DMO & Daily Actions  - Lead Indicators

Having a Daily Method of Operation is essential to hitting your 12-Week goal. In this training I'll show you how to create your daily actions and track them until you've mastered the process... The better you get, the more money you make... SIMPLE!

Monitor Your Goals - How Are You Performing? - Lag Indicators

Now it's time to  track and monitor your Lag Indicators, which will essentially show you how you're performing against your 12-Week targets and if you are on track to absolutely SMASH your #1 Home Business goal.

The Weekly Accountability Meeting (WAM)

Today I'll show you how to work with an accountability partner or team to help keep you accountable, monitor your progress, check in, get feedback and make improvements to your plan.  All successful business owners use WAM's.

How to Gamify Your Biz for Fast Results!

Finally I'll show you how to Gamify your entire business and REWARD yourself for successful results! This incredibly powerful process will both inspire and motivate you to take daily action and get the results you deserve. Get ready to SUPERCHARGE your business!

On Day 4 - The Formula... we'll cover:

What Others Are Saying:

Robin Smith 6 Steps to Instagram Success

"As a stay-at-home Mom I only get to work on my business part-time. Thanks to the methods I've learned from Gavin, I've been able to generate over 7,220 leads, earn an extra $123,541.00 in commissions & personally enrolled 74 reps into my business!"

Nicole Hanchi - Social Media Marketer

"I'm so EXCITED... In the last 12 months by using this process I've generated over 2000 leads, grown my team by 80 people, achieved 2 rank promotions in my company and had my biggest income week of $4,000 online!"

Eddie Iduoze - UK

"We now have a business of over 700 team members in 9 countries. We get paid from 9 countries. Gavin's trainings helped me grow and organise my team. In addition I've used these processes to move my team from high touch to high tech and generated over $25,000 in commissions."

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