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EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! – Mo Gawdat

A few days ago I came across an awesome video podcast which talks about AI in detail…

It’s an interview with Ex-Google Office Mo Gawdat and Steven Bartlett from Diary of a CEO.

The video is almost 2 hours long but well worth the watch.

I recommend you watch it to get a better understanding of what could be coming as a result of AI, with both the positives and negatives.

Without doubt, there’s more scary scenarios than good… but either way from my perspective it’s good to at least have an idea of how this may impact us so we can be as prepared as possible.

Like most things I look at everything through the lens of a marketer, and this is no different.

Some of the things they talk about are:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 02:54 Why is this podcast important?
  • 04:09 What’s your background & your first experience with AI
  • 08:43 AI is alive and has more emotions than you
  • 11:45 What is artificial intelligence?
  • 20:53 No one’s best interest is the same, doesn’t this make AI dangerous?
  • 24:47 How smart really is AI?
  • 27:07 AI being creative
  • 29:07 AI replacing Drake
  • 31:53 The people that should be leading this
  • 34:09 What will happen to everyone’s jobs?
  • 46:06 Synthesising voices
  • 47:35 AI sex robots
  • 50:22 Will AI fix loneliness?
  • 52:44 AI actually isn’t the threat to humanity
  • 56:25 We’re in an Oppenheimer moment
  • 01:03:18 We can just turn it off…right?
  • 01:04:23 The security risks
  • 01:07:58 The possible outcomes of AI
  • 01:18:25 Humans are selfish and that’s our problem
  • 01:23:25 This is beyond an emergency
  • 01:25:20 What should we be doing to solve this?
  • 01:36:36 What it means bringing children into this world
  • 01:42:11 Your overall prediction
  • 01:50:34 The last guest’s question

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Your Thoughts?

Let’s have a discussion about this in the comments section of this post. ???

What do you think?

Scared or excited?

There’s a lot of changes coming… and it’s good for us to be as prepared as possible and to leverage the technologies for our own good to better humanity if possible.

Have you used any AI software yourself yet?

And if so, what happened?

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