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Create, Edit & Launch Your Beautifully Designed Ebooks in Minutes, Not Months.

Create eBooks and lead magnets in as little as 2 minutes. No tech or design skills needed. Import from your website, MS Word, PDF, Audio, Video, YouTube & more. Learn more today. Trusted by 140,000 users. Services: Free Online Editor, 24/7 Support.

Create Stunning ebooks in 2 minutes without writing a word.

Create products Without any technical skills.

When you watch the video you’ll see how easy it is :-)

1: Find a webpage or blog you’d like to copy, (or write the content yourself).
2: Paste it into Designrr.
3: Edit it to your taste.
4: Publish.

It really is that easy.

You can change the fonts, colours and images, add images, add more texts and even add other website blogs and make your ebook longer with more value content

At the end you can link it to a product you’re selling or even your capture page.

If you don’t want to search the net you can choose from 130,000 different articles already inside the designrr platform.

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