4 Day Attraction Network Marketing Challenge

"100 SMART Network Marketers Are
About To Design Their First
Attraction Facebook Marketing Lead Generation System For Their Business… Will You Be One Of Them?"

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Become Magnetic Now...

In 4 days, I'll show you how to plan and implement your first "Attraction" Facebook Marketing System that brings in a consistent stream of qualified leads & sales to YOU...

The Smartest Way To Get More Leads & Prospects Chasing YOU Down Online!

Whilst most Network Marketers chase, pester and bug people about buying their products and joining their opportunity until they've scared everybody away, a small group of SMART entrepreneurs are quietly generating more leads in 24 hours using "Attraction" Marketing than most regular marketers do in an entire month chasing people…

What You'll Discover in this 4-Day Challenge:

Day 1: The "Attraction" Marketer

You’ll discover our SMART Rejection Free "Attraction" Marketing method that magnetically pulls a steady stream of interested people to us each day... without ever having to chase, pester and bug people to join or buy from us... ever!

Day 2: Set-Up Your First Leads System

Next, I’ll show you the exact strategies we use to bring in 30-50 leads to our business each and every week for free. (It's quick & easy to implement & today I'll show you how to set-up your first simple "attraction" lead generation system.)

Day 3: Install Your "Warming Up" Machine

So now you've got leads, I'll show you how to communicate with them to warm them up and build trust, so they're ready to buy from you. By the end of this, you'll know how to turn your leads into loyal customers who know, like, and trust you.

Day 4: Bonus Masterclass - 6 Steps to Six Figures with Social Selling

In this Bonus Masterclass learn my EXACT 6 step sequence you can use to attract qualified leads from Facebook, warm them up & turn them into brand new sales & sign-ups in your business like a pro.

Plus, You'll Also Get These Awesome FREE GIFTS :-)

Gift #1: "Getting Leads Is Easy" 6-Min Daily Affirmations Audio

As a gift for taking action I'll give you a free copy of my affirmations audio (value $197). Listen daily to change your mindset about generating leads...

(Yours after completing Day #1 training.)

Gift #2: The 7 Perfect Facebook Status Updates

In this second bonus you'll learn the 7 Perfect Facebook status updates for attracting and generating more leads on Facebook each day...

(Yours after completing Day #2 training.)

Gift #3: "The Facebook for Business - Advertisers Cheatsheet"

This is our huge list of 1000 Business related Facebook Advertising Groups you can use to advertise your business in directly. 

(Yours after completing Day #3 training.)

Gift #4: "The Networking Superstar System Blueprint"

Want to know how all the pieces of the online network marketing jigsaw puzzle together? This blueprint will help you see the big picture clearly. 

(Yours after watching the BONUS Masterclass.)

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