The 10,000 Families Freedom Project…

We think that people who take action, build their own business and then work very hard to achieve financial freedom often around a full-time job, family and other commitments are absolutely amazing and deserve all the recognition and help they can get…

We know what they’re going through because we once were in the same situation…

Often these incredible people (Moms, Dads, Sons, Daughters, Brothers and Sisters) are willing to do what others won’t do today, so tomorrow they can have what others won’t have… often sacrificing their “today” time time with their family and friends to give their family a better life in the future

While we think it is amazing, we don’t think it’s fair… so we’re doing everything in our power to help them achieve success faster

That’s why we created the 10,000 Family Freedom Project with the aim of teaching and training committed entrepreneurs all over the world, providing them with the skills they need to build a successful business, quit their jobs (if they have one) and bring back a loved one from work as FAST as possible…

We know that most people tend to be happiest when they are spending time doing what they love, with whom they love and ultimately we want to see more people successful and happy

Meet Some Of Our Extraordinary Entrepreneurs &Their Families…

Meet some of our awesome members, who are dedicated and committed to building a successful business because of their family!

Some are doing it for their children, some for their spouses, and others for their ageing parents… however whatever their reason, they have a strong compelling why… and they, along with our other members are INSPIRATIONAL and are on their journey to becoming financially free…

Eva Hyllestad & Her Reason Why

Eva Hyllestad

Permjit Kainth & His Reason Why

Permjit Kainth

Sonya Jones & Her Reason Why

Maricar Aspiras & Her Reason Why

Tamunotonye Iloenyosi & Her Reason Why

Bob Brown & His Reason Why

Robin Smith & Her Reason Why

Paul Everard & His Reason Why

Maria Perryman & Her Reason Why

Lungowe Kayukwa & Her Reason Why

Cleopatra Couladis & Her Reason Why

Joyce Harvey & Her Reason Why

Veslemøy Hopsdal & Her Reason Why

Kate Jones & Her Reason Why

Ivan Kovačić & His Reason Why

Alison Carpenter & Her Reason Why

Paul Green & His Reason Why

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