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The 100 Leads Method

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The 100 Leads Method Program

The 100 Leads MethodThe 100 Leads Method is the world’s first and only “Facebook Groups Lead Generation Strategy” for Network Marketers  that is proven to help you generate your first 100 Network Marketing leads online faster!

By following the Simple-7 Step Process laid out in this POWERFUL 3 hour core training program you’ll very quickly generate your first 100 leads and re-build your warm market from scratch so you can begin pulling in pre-qualified prospects like crazy.

Generate “hungry” leads quickly, then follow up with them using my revolutionary 6 uncovering POWER questions to ensure you’re always moving the conversation forwards so you can present your business opportunity to them and sponsor them easily.

This is the EASIEST “Online Network Marketing” Lead Capture Method that exists which allows you to Combine both Offline / Online Network Marketing BY using a fusion of "Personal Touch" AND "Simple Technology" to ensure you never run out of  new leads in your business ever again.

Here's just a few things you're going to learn in this powerful program:

--> How-to generate your first 100 Networking Leads Online using a very simple duplicable process…

--> How-to repeat the process over and over again to have a constant supply of daily leads…

--> What to call your Facebook group  to generate the most amount of leads possible…

--> A really cool way to get free “viral” leads by using smart “keywords” in your group…

--> Advanced Facebook group settings to get maximum leads…


--> The Gated Method: How to tease people to join your group…

--> The best way to follow-up with prospects who join your group…

--> 11 powerful free traffic strategies to get leads daily... (very powerful!)

--> How to approve new members, tag them in a welcome post & build the relationship FAST…

--> 8 keys to longevity, massive group growth & daily lead generation…


--> How to go from zero leads to 100 in 30 days or less…

--> Daily affirmations for daily lead generation - start reprogramming your subconscious mind to generate more leads in 5 mins or less per day…

--> How to use the “6 uncovering” power questions to move your prospect along the process so they are open to hearing your “pitch”

Here's Everything You Get
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You Will Get:

  • The 100 Leads Method Core Training Program - This 7-Step, THREE (3) Hour training program will teach you exactly how-to quickly generate your first 100 Network Marketing leads and re-build your warm market from scratch so you can begin pulling in pre-qualified prospects like crazy. (Value $197.00)
  • The 6-Step Recruiting Machine - In this underground training you’ll learn the exact 6-step process you need to take on a daily basis to turn your leads into new sign ups in ANY opportunity. (Miss any one of these steps and you’re destined to struggle). (Value $97.00)
  • Bonus #1: Daily Lead Generation Success Affirmations Audio - Listen to this inspiring, empowering 5-minute affirmations Audio daily and start reprogramming your subconscious mind to generate more leads in your home-based business… Guaranteed! (Value $197.00)
  • Bonus #2: The 6 “Uncovering” Power Questions Cheatsheet - By taking your new leads through this sequence of 6 messages, you’ll move the conversation forward faster and make it much easier to sponsor new reps into your business... (Value $97.00)
  • Bonus #3: Zero to 100 in 30 Days - Listen to these 5 interviews with our top lead generators and income earners where they explain exactly what they would do to generate 100 leads in the next 30 days if they had to start all over again from scratch... (Value $197.00)

Total Value = $785.00

Normal Price $297.00

On Sale Right Now

The 100 Leads Method

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If you haven't yet watched my Online Network Marketers Blueprint trainings before, then I strongly recommend you go watch them now.

In these trainings I explain how the Online Network Marketers Blueprint works which we use in the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro...

The 100 Leads Method focuses on the very first part of our "High-Touch, High-Tech, High-Profits" Process and is the very first training program for you to study and implement to  learn how to generate your first 100 Network Marketing leads...


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Robin Smith

"WOO-HOO!!! Thanks to the methods I implemented from Gavin's trainings, I have generated over 2,600 leads and earned over $10k in commissions in just 6 short months!"

Robin Smith, 6 Steps to Instagram Success
Laura Stephen

"I had no leads, no income and I was failing on my own! I then found this program. In a very short space of time I built a strong community of over 650 warm leads (which is growing daily), have increased my income by thousands of dollars and sponsored multiple reps in to my primary opportunity!"

Laura Stephen, Networking Gems
Nicole Hanchi

"I’m so EXCITED… In the last 6 months by using this process I’ve generated over 2000 leads, grown my team by 80 people, achieved 2 rank promotions in my company and had my biggest income week of $4,000 online!"

Nicole Hanchi, Social Media Marketers United
Sarah Alison

"After struggling for over a year on my own, in just a few short months since finding Gavin’s trainings I totally turned things around. I’ve now generated over 1200 leads and made thousands of dollars using this method. I just wish I had it when I first started out!"

Sarah Alison, Social Media Marketing Strategies
Danny Young

"Talk about a turnaround!  After struggling to find a system that works online, I implemented this process and have generated 1600 leads, watched my primary network marketing business grow, introduced additional streams of income and generated thousands of dollars in commissions!"

Danny Young, Online Network Marketing Academy
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That’s right-If you take massive actions and don’t generate 100 leads in the next 30 days after applying my tactics, I’ll refund your entire investment. Just show me your Facebook group and the stats to claim your investment back in full. Or, if you just don’t like the 100 Leads Method Program, I’ll STILL refund your entire investment. Just email us at and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30-Days. NOTHING could be fairer than that!


Normal Price $297.00

On Sale Right Now

The 100 Leads Method

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