The Wonderful World Of Pinterest Group Boards


Today I’m going to walk you through The Wonderful World of Pinterest Group Boards, sometimes called Collaborative Boards. When you become an authority in your field of Business, the chances are your peers, community and group members will want to share your content amongst their members and followings too. So for Community Leaders, why not…

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3 Tips To Maximise The Impact Of Your LinkedIn Published Articles


Writing content on LinkedIn is one thing, but are you getting enough eyes on the prize?  Creation of quality written content is a time-consuming task and I, for one, strongly believe that you need to do what you can to stack the odds in your favour as much as possible when it comes to exposing…

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13 Reasons to Get a Facebook Fan Page


Here at Networking Superstars we love Facebook and highly recommend building a Facebook Group as your ‘hub’ where you can capture leads and turn cold market contacts in to warm market friends, sales and sign ups.  However it is important not to overlook the benefits of also running a Facebook Fan Page (also known as…

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25 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid on Pinterest


Hello and welcome to 25 Marketing Mistakes to avoid on Pinterest I’m turning it around a bit this week and giving you an overview of ‘what not to do’s’ or mistakes which you could be making on Pinterest. It can be refreshing to scroll down a list like this, as a checklist to see how it compares…

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About LinkedIn Mobile Apps…


LinkedIn have a range of mobile apps that can be downloaded to your devices, which focus on different areas of functionality available on the web-based platform.  In this post, I would like to share with you some of these apps and their specific use-case functions.  I am focusing on the free apps here, not those…

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The Facebook Checklist


Over the last few weeks I have given you a lot of information on how to maximise your use of Facebook to build your business in line with attraction marketing principles.  I want to help you capture all the essential actions, therefore I thought it would be helpful to produce a checklist. Facebook Profile Use…

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Hashtags Part 2: Finding the Most Effective Hashtags

Copy of Copy of How to Schedule Posts for Instagram (1)

Hashtags Part 2: Finding the Most Effective Hashtags One of the most common questions I get about Instagram is how to find the most effective hashtags for Instagram. Especially if you’re using Instagram for your business, it’s imperative that you have a well formulated hashtag strategy.   What are hashtags? Think of hashtags as the…

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Hashtags Part 3: How to Hide Your Hashtags?

Copy of Copy of How to Schedule Posts for Instagram (2)

Hashtags Part 3: How to Hide Your Hashtags? In the previous entry, I showed you how to find 30 hashtags that you should use for your Instagram posts. But, some people on Instagram view using 30 hashtags as too spammy, cluttered, and overall make it look like you’re trying too hard. I do not. If…

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Fear Video Marketing? Here’s 2 Easy Tips To Overcome Your Fear!

fear video marketing

Hey Superstars! Hannah Kathleen here 🙂 Do you fear video marketing? Well, I have a question for you… Do you fear video marketing? Ever felt like shooting a video for your network marketing business but when you went to do it, suddenly you felt overwhelmed with fear and decided to give up on the idea? I know…

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Lisa Hughe

  I am so excited to be able to share this AWESOME interview I did with Lisa Hughes on how being a Networking Superstar has impacted on her business. Here is a summary of the interview but I strongly recommend you listen to the whole interview as Lisa shares great insights with us. Sarah Alison You’ve obviously…

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