Content Creation

Simple Website to Easily Organize Your Content Ideas

Do you ever feel stuck when creating content? Don’t worry… you’re not alone.  Before I dive into the website that will help you stay organized when it comes to creating content, I wanted to share with you why it’s important to create content. I consider content to be a blog post, a video, an audio…

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Video Nugget

Video Time Nugget

If you’re interested in video advertising on You Tube, you just might be interested in this little but powerful “Video time nugget”. Now I’ve not explored video advertising as of yet, but I have been following Gideon Shalwick for years and he recently unveiled a new product called “Veeroll”.  Gideon Shalwick has become a very…

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Keep It Simple

This Is 2 Easy

This is 2 easy …. Now, I know you have things you want to share with people online. And you should! But maybe all the buzz about creating videos is making you CRAZY … Maybe you don’t have the equipment … Maybe you suffer from what I call “video shy-i-tis” (a syndrome curable only through…

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Where To Find It

Where to find it should be easy, right? So, I thought I would share what I use when creating videos  … I’ve compiled a list of programs below for you to investigate if you like. You may know of something different and if you do, please comment below so our readers get that information too.…

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woman with laptop

How To Use Instagram From Your PC – Part #1

While Instagram is growing at a really fast rate, a majority of users use their Smartphones (Android or iOS) to access it and market their business. I’ve had lots of people coming to me, asking if there is a way to market their business on Instagram from the comfort of their computer. With that being…

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internet media

Love Those Video Intros

I know you love those video intros! You’ve seen them… Those short, often animated, little slick visual introductions before the main message of the video, right? Did you ever wonder how they did it? I certainly did and found my own way of creating them. I’ll tell you how you can make them in a…

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Free Social Media Marketing Webinar! Get Leads Today!

Social Media Marketing Month Continues… “ATTENTION BIZ OWNERS: Discover How He Sucked in 10,417+ Red-Hot Leads via Facebook!” * You will learn Simple ‘Free & Paid’ FB Marketing Methods you can apply to Get Leads Today * Hosted & Presented By: MyLeadSystemPRO What You Will Learn… How To Get Leads FAST with Social Media… How to…

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Google+ Serious

Is Google Plus Dying?

Is Google Plus Dying, or Dead? Alexia Tsotsis, TechCrunch co-editor, tweeted recently that “Google+ isn’t dying anytime soon because it already died.”  While Alexia may be a well-respected social media wonk she also has a huge following on Twitter. Do you think, just maybe, her 116,000 Twitter followers influenced her preference of Twitter over Google+? …

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Grumpy Cat

Boost Traffic With Video Memes

The other day I came across a brilliant idea of creating memes with video! Now if you don’t know what a “meme” is, here’s a very nice description of them by Paul Gil from “”meme” is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. A meme (rhymes with “team”) behaves like a flu or a…

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Instant Lead Generation Strategies With The MLSP Leaders!

FREE Live Event: “Generate Fresh Leads by the Time This 90 Minute Webinar is Over. Webinar Starts @9PM, Get Leads by 10PM” Your Hosts: Brian Fanale & MLSP Family, and Some MLSP Honey Badgers… Diane Hochman – L5, EMT Member April Marie Tucker – L5, EMT Member Mark Harbert – L5, EMT Member Bert Bledsoe…

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